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About World of Auditing

World of Auditing helps you increase the value to the business.

We offer services to Food & Beverage organizations in:

Improving Auditing Skills

World of Auditing designs and delivers tailor-made solutions for food and beverage companies to improve technical, human, and strategic skills for the QFS auditors.

This enables audit organizations to develop the right capabilities in identifying risks and opportunities throughout the entire supply chain while delivering high-quality and safe food.

Technical Skills Training Program

  • Do your auditors need help identifying the risks associated with the manufacturing process and the product?
  • Are your internal audits not delivering high-quality assessments?
  • Do you struggle with repeat findings as they are not properly and timely addressed?


We offer technical training providing knowledge and practice through the golden circle. We teach them the why, the how, and the what.

Process Specific Training Program-02

Our technical training program consists of two parts:

I. Process-Specific Technical Training Program

These modules are designed to take the audience through the entire manufacturing process to increase the understanding of the overall process elements and food safety aspects.

II. General Food Safety Specific Technical Training Program

These modules are designed to develop and improve the understanding and management skills for food safety risks.

SoftHuman Skills Training Program_Çalışma Yüzeyi 1

Human Skills Training Program

  • Are your auditors/technical experts struggling to transfer their knowledge into the professional set-up of auditing?
  • Where do they struggle the most, and how are you preparing them for success?
  • Do your auditors fall into the trap of burnout? Do you know exactly what the reasons behind?

We teach them human skills so that audit findings have the greatest possible impact and value.

Strategic Skills Training Program

  • Are you confident that your auditors understand the business and perform to support the business goals and objectives?
  • Do they have the right critical and strategic thinking skills to have a holistic view of the overall findings?
  • How are you preparing your auditors for their future leadership roles?
Strategic Skills-02

We teach them strategic skills to ensure that the audit outcomes are relevant to the business.

Optimizing Strategies and Programs

Optimizing Strategies and Program-02
  • Is your audit strategy in sync with your organization’s objectives and goals?
  • Is the consistency of your audits under scrutiny?
  • Do you struggle to maintain accurate and reliable audit results?
  • Do you want to boost your auditing efficiency with the right tools?
  • Do you want to improve your audit processes and increase overall performance?
  • Do you want to streamline your auditing process and improve risk management?
  • Are your organizational structure and capabilities appropriate for the task?
  • Is your current audit strategy equipped to handle emerging risks?
  • Are you prepared to adapt and evolve your audit strategy as needed?

World of Auditing provides strategic partnerships to audit organizations within the food and beverage industry to define the right strategy, organizational and operational structure to deliver high-value outcomes.

This enables audit organizations to operate aligned with the business and stakeholders’ needs, priorities and expectations and be regarded as a valuable partner.

Enhancing Governance

  • Do your M&A and supply base decisions result in poor quality and food safety performance?
  • Do you have a problem that won’t disappear despite your best efforts?
  • Are you concerned about quality and food safety not being incorporated into your innovation projects, or did you learn the hard way?
  • Are specific suppliers or third-party vendors causing recurring quality and food safety issues?
  • Are you dealing with situations where incoming or finished products regularly fail to meet the required standards?
  • Is your supplier performance evaluation revealing issues with adherence to quality and safety standards?
  • Is maintaining consistent product quality a challenge in your supply chain?
  • Are your supplier and third-party audits providing the value you expect?
  • Are the root causes of your most recent recall or withdrawal still unknown?
Enhacing Governance-02

World of Auditing provides high caliber and strategic audits for the food and beverage industry on due diligence, troubleshooting and innovation cycle health-check to ensure quality and food safety throughout the entire supply chain.

This supports food and beverage companies for supply base decisions, including M&A, while ensuring healthy growth through robust operational and idea-to-market processes.

Corporate Audit Forum

World of Auditing offers to its premium member companies a platform to share and learn together. Global leading companies are benefiting from the forum since 2019.

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