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Thanks for your interest in contributing to an article on the site and sharing our passion to collaborate. We would like to welcome audit/compliance practitioners, managers, standard writers as well as consultants, advisors and other supporting audit community.

Each submission will carefully be reviewed and approved before becoming public on our site. There are some important notes we would like to share with you, to provide guidance on expectations from a good article.

  • Submission should be aimed to address a critical problem that the auditors/compliance managers are facing
  • The article should give some actionable items which are proved to be effective, so that the reader can learn from and adapt accordingly. Please provide, research, data analysis, literature review as needed to support your content. It is important that the content provide enough and balanced information on “what” and “how”.
  • Please show courtesy to the owners of the knowledge and data you use in your article by providing references and links in the body of the article and ensure the links work properly.
  • The article should be unique and original, so we welcome you to share your personal story as well as experiences. Please avoid self-promotions or suggestions of tools.
  • Please beware of the language you use. Avoid buzz words, unfamiliar abbreviations which makes the article difficult to follow. WoA favors a conversational tone as well as use of wise humor.
  • We highly recommend you use visuals and illustrations to make your article stronger. Remember visual memories are kept in the brain longer.
  • The ideal length of an article is between 500 to 1500 words.

World of Auditing is open to any article which will support the collaboration on auditing. Here are some areas of interest from our audience, that could take your article to a higher league:

  • Designing the audits to the right size (risk based audit planning)
  • Using audits as a key driver in continuous improvement
  • Auditing co-manufacturers, challenges and opportunities
  • Auditors performance and motivation
  • Ensuring consistency in audits
  • Measuring the effectiveness of audit function
  • Using auditing as a step in the career path
  • Digital transformation in auditing
  • Measuring culture through auditing
  • Effective auditing on critical business processes i.e. Product Life Cycle Management
  • Expanding the scope of audits (health and safety, environment, sustainability etc.)

Submission of Drafts

All draft articles should be submitted in a “Windows” , “Google” or “iOS” format to with the following subject “article submission”. Please include a short bio as well as a picture from yourself in order to put on the article page.

Editing and Consensus

Articles may require a good level of editing. All articles will be published after a consensus between the author and the editor.


Individuals having their articles published on World of Auditing will get a wide visibility within the community of auditing. No financial compensation will be provided.

Usage Rights

Contributed articles should be exclusive to WoA and should not have appeared in any other publication or website unless agreed by the editor. Contributed articles, once published, will become fully owned by WoA. Usage on your own blog, your company’s website, and other places can only be done with permission from the publisher.

Confidentiality Policy

It is at our core that we have full respect to the confidentiality. All articles should be free of any confidential information. Acting against this policy would result in rejecting your submission immediately.

For all your questions please get in contact with the editors via Please include the following on the subject line “article submission questions”.