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 World of Auditing (WoA) is a cross-industry collaboration community and a knowledge source for audit professionals. It exists to advance the audit profession through augmented collaboration and provision of resources including analysis, insights and good auditing practices. Our vision is to shape the future of audit and audit management across the entire value chain.

Visitors of World of Auditing have access to leading-edge audit related resources which help them advance their personal career, the audit / compliance profession and their organisation. The benefits are both tangible (e.g. elements to design, implement and adapt a robust audit strategy) and intangible (e.g. being better positioned to support the organisation through auditing). Members of the forum get the opportunity to collaborate, share and shape the future of the audit profession.

World of Auditing is providing a forum to its members without being exposed to unnecessary and unwanted ads, commercials etc. Members help and collaborate to build the future of the site, content as well as the audit profession.

World of Auditing is equipped with a collaboration forum to share knowledge between the members. We welcome each and every user to use the forum to the extent possible. You can also contribute with writing an article.

World of Auditing is open to any article which will support the collaboration on auditing. Please note that all articles are subject to a review and approval by the owners of the site. All draft articles should be submitted in a “Windows” , “Google” or “iOS” format to submissions@worldofauditing.com with the following subject “article submission”. Please remember to include a short bio as well as a picture from yourself in order to put on the article page.

Individuals having their articles published on World of Auditing will get a wide visibility within the community of auditing. No financial compensation will be provided.

Contributed articles should be exclusive to World of Auditing and should not have appeared in any other publication or website unless agreed by the editor. Contributed articles, once published, will become fully owned by World of Auditing. Usage on your own blog, your companys website, and other places can only be done with permission from the publisher. It is at our core that we have full respect to the confidentiality. All articles should be free of any confidential information.

Corporate Audit Forum members (CAF) pay a yearly fee for a premium membership. The membership on invitation or through accepted company application provides specific benefits to a limited number of (1-2) participants per company. 

WoA is open to any users. If you would like to use the “forum” you would need to get registered through a form provided.

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