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About World of Auditing

World of Auditing helps you increase the value to the business.

We offer services to Food & Beverage organizations in:

Improving Auditing Skills

  • Do you want to increase the technical skills in your audit organization?
  • Would you like to enhance your audit team’s human skills?
  • Would you like them become agile partners to the business?

Optimizing Strategies and Programs

  • Would you like to improve your audit organizational structure and recruit the right talent?
  • Do you want to better align your audit strategy to your business priorities?
  • Do you want to increase your efficiency in auditing with the right tools including calibration?

Enhancing Governance

  • Do you need due diligence audits as part of risk management (M&A, integrity program and supply base decisions)?
  • Do you need troubleshooting audits to address problems before they become deep-seated?
  • Do you need pre- or post-launch audits as part of an innovation cycle health check?

Corporate Audit Forum

World of Auditing offers to its premium member companies a platform to share and learn together. Global leading companies are benefiting from the forum since 2019.

Understand and Improve

Our global experience, expertise, and understanding of business imperatives enable us to propose practical solutions that allow your audit organization to provide actionable insights and significantly improve its value to the business.

The first step is our Audit Value Maximization Check-Up. We will meet with your team, review your audit strategy and programs, and interview stakeholders. The goal is to understand what is currently working well and what you need to optimize for a more robust audit strategy and enhanced programs.


Have you identified all the stakeholders and associated risks for your activity?


Have you clearly identified the mission of your organization?


How do you demonstrate the necessary leadership?

Audit Process

How do you manage to get the best value from your audits?


Do you allocate appropriate resources to your audit organization?


How do you assess the performance of the organization?


How do you enhance the performance of your organization?

Through this Check-Up in seven key areas, our clients benefit from:

• An in-depth expert evaluation of their audit strategy and programs

• The identification of risks and opportunities

• Recommendations and action plans to deploy for continuous improvement

The deliverables are an executive summary and action plan to increase the value your audits bring to the business.

Here is a light version of our assessment tool that provides the basics. Please feel free to download it by clicking the button below to test yourself and see how you do.

If you are interested in a full, in-depth and independent Audit Value Maximization Check-Up to capture all the benefits, please contact us via

About the Founders

World of Auditing is administered by Tulay Kahraman and Marc Cwikowski.

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