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Optimizing Strategies and Programs

We collaborate with you to make your audit organization a valuable business partner by guiding how to adapt and evolve your audit strategy as needed.

We assist you in optimizing your resources and processes to improve the performance of your audit organization.

We provide the tools and techniques to ensure efficient audits and calibrated results.

Understand and Improve

Our global experience, expertise, and understanding of business imperatives enable us to propose practical solutions that allow your audit organization to provide actionable insights and significantly improve its value to the business.

The first step is our Audit Value Maximization Check-Up. We will meet with your team, review your audit strategy and programs, and interview stakeholders. The goal is to understand what is currently working well and what you need to optimize for a more robust audit strategy and enhanced programs.


Have you identified all the stakeholders and associated risks for your activity?


Have you clearly identified the mission of your organization?


How do you demonstrate the necessary leadership?

Audit Process

How do you manage to get the best value from your audits?


Do you allocate appropriate resources to your audit organization?


How do you assess the performance of the organization?


How do you enhance the performance of your organization?

Through this Check-Up in seven key areas, our clients benefit from:

• An in-depth expert evaluation of their audit strategy and programs

• The identification of risks and opportunities

• Recommendations and action plans to deploy for continuous improvement

The deliverables are an executive summary and action plan to increase the value your audits bring to the business.


Here is a light version of our assessment tool that provides the basics. Please feel free to download it by clicking the button below to test yourself and see how you do.

If you are interested in a full, in-depth and independent Audit Value Maximization Check-Up to capture all the benefits, please contact us