Prozitif & All Food Consulting’s partnership offers the following services in addition to managing World of Auditing

  • Designing a customised end-to-end audit strategy & programmes for robust customer and brand protection
  • For food industry and investment funds: evaluating the due diligence assessment in place for M&A to increase its robustness
  • Supporting audit function on risk-based audit program design for best use of resources and minimisation of risks
  • For food industry: training internal auditors for technical skills (quality, food safety) and how to best audit compliance
  • Designing company specific measures to improve the value of the audit function
  • Designing and running tools / exercises for calibration of auditors
  • Training internal auditors on soft skills required for a high-performing auditor
  • Coaching internal auditors remotely or by witnessing their audits to improve performance
  • Training trainers for internal auditors for a sustainable organisation
  • Mentoring internal auditors on a defined frequency to improve performance
  • Evaluating the audit strategy and programmes in place to increase ROI

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World of Auditing is administered and facilitated by Tülay Kahraman and Marc Cwikowski.

About the Founders


Tülay Kahraman

Tülay Kahraman is the Founder and Managing Director of Prozitif Training and Consultancy ( She’d worked 24 years in production, QEHS, auditing and R&D functions for food companies; including The Coca-Cola Company, Mondelez International and pladis, with various leadership responsibilities. She had held global senior positions in designing Business Processes like, Innovation Management and Specification Management, as well as operational positions in leading Regional RD, Quality, EHS teams & Regional Auditing functions. Her active role in operations resulted in significant experience in risk & crisis management, problem solving and lean manufacturing, besides her expertise on quality, food safety, innovation and auditing. Tülay is a Food Engineer and holds an MBA degree. In line with her particular area of interest in organisational behavior and learning, she has completed her second master program in Industrial Psychology and is currently working on her thesis. Tülay blends her expertise in technical arena with her knowledge on organisational psychology and designs solutions which creates better learning experience. Prozitif is a young entity, working to provide solutions for companies to run their quality, food safety and innovation agenda professionally while delivering support on skill development.


Marc Cwikowski

Marc Cwikowski is Founder and Managing Director of All Food Consulting ( He has worked for more than 30 years in the food and beverage industry and held various senior global leadership and executive positions in companies including Unilever, SGS, The Coca-Cola Company and Danone. Former positions include audit process manager, director of quality & food safety strategy, director of supply chain capability development, food safety center director and vice-president for quality & food safety. Marc holds a Masters in chemistry and bio-industries from Agro-Bio Tech University, Gembloux, served as an expert in various organisations and was the Chairman of the GFSI Global Markets technical working group. Marc also acted as a board member of both FSSC 22000 and SSAFE. Marc brings international experience in innovation, quality assurance and food safety. He has successfully designed and implemented quality and food safety strategies, developed advanced initiatives for people development and implemented strong quality and food safety programs to secure companies’ business and reputation around the world. All Food Consulting is active internationally and helps food and beverage companies grow and secure their brand and reputation with stronger quality and food safety strategies.