The Future of Food Safety Auditing: A Think Tank

Why have a think tank on the future of food safety auditing?

To remain relevant and effective as contexts evolve and become more volatile, we must revitalize and renew our approaches, develop new perceptions, and adjust. This requires constant learning and adaptation.

It is critical for food safety auditing in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world. Without a transformation, it risks becoming obsolete and ineffective at playing a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of our food supply.

Auditing in the food industry has a long history. Although the concept has evolved, the value of audits is sometimes questioned. As recalls continue at an unacceptable rate, there is a clear need for pragmatic but robust auditing. At the same time, external factors have a continuous impact on the future of food safety. Consumers’ expectations are rising, and their consumption habits and needs are shifting. There is a complex regulatory environment and an overreliance on certification.

The food and beverage industry is tired of duplicating efforts and overlapping different types of audits that add low or no value. There is an obvious need for greater industry collaboration. Auditing is often paper-based, and a risk-based approach is not fully implemented. The current model does not challenge mature organizations to improve.

Some other industries have advanced in making audits more relevant and impactful. Food safety auditing requires a paradigm shift. Think tanks create spaces for plural engagement and connect those who can contribute to addressing new challenges during times of change. Their role is more critical than ever. So here we are.

What are the main goals of the future of auditing’s think tank?

We intend to use the think tank’s findings to assist interested parties and governing organizations in improving and shaping the discipline’s future. The think tank aims to conduct rigorous, independent research and analysis on critical food safety auditing issues. It will drive innovation and continuous improvement in food safety auditing strategies and practices through collaboration with industry experts and stakeholders.

The think tank facilitates discussions on the challenges and opportunities in shaping the future of food safety auditing and proposes potential solutions, including research needs. This will ultimately improve consumer trust in the global food supply chain’s safety. The World of Auditing’s think tank provides a collective voice for stakeholders. The desired outcome will be a white paper to be shared with the institutions and governing bodies with the control and power to influence the future of food safety auditing.

The World of Auditing’s think tank will impact how those in charge of planning, carrying out, and receiving audits across the supply chain deal with the challenges and opportunities associated with food safety auditing.

Do you want to get involved and help shape the future?

If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with us at

By Marc Cwikowski
June 23, 2023

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