We Celebrate World Food Safety Day 2022 Today

The food industry is on its way to going further and faster, and this is absolutely fantastic. The efforts required to get where we should depend significantly on the organization’s status. In all parts of the world and the supply chain, there is a crucial need for food safety education and infrastructure. Both need to go hand in hand as it is unrealistic to expect an increase in food safety performance by training but not providing the right tools, infrastructure and work environment. We need to ensure that the systems we design remain simple, pragmatic and effective. A truly collaborative approach across the food supply chain must be deployed so that no one is left behind and all efforts go in the same and right direction. Audits play and will continue to play a critical role in providing trust and highlighting areas for improvement. If companies did not have an independent assessment regularly, trust around the business would be lower, and so would be the potential for food safety continuous improvement.

Today is the day to reflect on it. Happy World (of Auditing) Food Safety Day!

By Marc Cwikowski
June 7, 2022

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