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Do Your Remote Audits Bring Strong Value?

Embracing remote auditing can support organisations during unusual times but also in normal operation of the business. When faced with the challenge of remote w...

Running the Audit Function in Difficult Times

Under normal circumstances, the audit function would be performing its activities according to pre-defned strategy and programmes. The auditors would travel the...

Covid-19 A review for the future

19th of Dec, 2019 is going to be engraved on the pages of history clearly with letters – bold, italic, underlined, if not less. The date, when the outbrea...

Where are you in your digital transformation?

One of the functions within the companies which is affected the most  amid Covid-19, is the auditing, for sure. Closed borders, canceled flights, travel bans, r...

7 Steps to Adopting an Effective Risk-Based Audit Strategy

Take 7 steps to help grow and secure your brand and reputation. As supply chains increase in complexity, these seven steps will ensure the design and implementa...

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