Corporate Audit Forum (CAF)

Since 2019, leading global Food & Beverage companies are benefiting from their Corporate Audit Forum membership to share and learn together.


  • Fostering non competitive discussions about auditing practices and protocols

  • Sharing good practices in auditing across the value chain

  • Discovering new and practical ways to improve auditing processes


  • 1,5 days face-to-face workshop twice per year. Each workshop focuses on 2-3 priority aspects chosen by the participants. The workshops are organised and facilitated by the WoA founders and take place in one of the participating companies’ location if possible. A summary report is issued after each workshop

  • 4 virtual 2,5 hour meetings per year. These meetings are organised and facilitated by the WoA founders and focus on one specific aspect.

  • Members have input to the scope and the organisation of the face-to-face and virtual activities


  • Unique opportunity to meet and network with industry peers specifically on auditing

  • Discuss the trends affecting the future of auditing and their impact

  • Collect and share good practices

  • Collective problem solving on common challenges

  • Exploration of new possibilities and creating new opportunities for your audit organisation

  • Practical and effective solutions through facilitated process

If your company is interested to become a CAF member, please fill in the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible: